Dismantle the insanity

Meditation banner with energy mandala

As I continue to navigate what feels to be a season of transition, the teachings could not be guiding me more. There has never been a time in my life in which I have leaned more heavily upon the practices of yoga, and of late, even more-so meditation. I’ve been very drawn to the practice of Kundalini. As someone who has the Sanskrit for “breath” tattooed on the inside of my right wrist, I suppose it makes sense that I’d be drawn to a breath-based practice when facing change – an experience which is never really all that comfortable.

It seems I cannot expose myself to enough Kundalini. I’ve been traveling almost 40 minutes to a weekly yoga/meditation class. I find myself chanting on the regular in my apartment, in the studio, and in my treatment room before/after classes and 1:1 clients. The car is perhaps my most preferred location in which to chant at the top of my lungs. This past weekend I shared in an incredibly transformative and awakening practice guided by the widely respected Mahan Rishi at Sit Meditation Space. I took away a great deal from this amazing evening spent at Sit, the beautiful safe-haven which has been providing me with a home away from my own home and studio.

Mahan Rishi openly and authentically shared that one must look to meditation as a means to dismantle the insanity which is our day-to-day. Society asks of us to maintain a rather intense pace of life. Mahan Rishi challenged participants to ask of one’s self: Why do you comply to this? And, how is that serving you? Hmmm …

By the end of the evening, I was very moved. It was palpable. I was in no position to go anywhere quickly. As I lingered, I embraced the opportunity to assist Mahan Rishi in packing up his equipment. As has been my experience with many guru figures, Mahan Rishi said a great deal to me in very few words. In short, he encouraged me to share the teachings. Anywhere, and everywhere, and through whatever means feels most right.

Wow … needless to say, I heard him! And, this directly aligns with what my intuition, that voice which I hear most clearly when I honor daily time spent in mantra and meditation, has been guiding me towards. When a guru speaks, I believe there to be no choice but to listen. And so I am. I am consistently and intentionally choosing to dismantle the insanity; I am throwing caution to the wind; and I am stepping fully into my Dharma – honoring my life’s calling.

I invite you to have a look at my website to check out the offerings that I have scheduled for the weeks/months ahead. Stay tuned as there is much more awaiting manifestation which remains to be in the visionary phases of evolution! I have never felt more motivated to share. And, I sincerely hope that you will allow me to guide you to an enhanced relationship with yourself through the practices of yoga and meditation. It would be my honor and pleasure to support you in an exploration of dismantling the insanity … to hear the whisperings of your intuition … and to be able to proceed with clarity and utmost consciousness.

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