Be the Change

sunsetHaving recently returned from my first experience cruising, I find myself responding with the word interesting when asked “How was the trip?!” I had a jarring awareness my first AM upon waking at home. After arriving home quite late and waking far earlier than I’d hope, the first thing I said to my travel partner was, “I miss the darkness.” Though I was referring the physical darkness, awareness immediately washed over me.

The teeny, tiny cabin I’d been calling home for the past 8 days and 7 nights had no windows. As an interior room, there was no way to know if it was day or nighttime. However, when you set foot outside of the room there were no shortage of bright flashing lights and a party ready to greet you at any time of day, or night. Lots, and lots of food, and drink, and one very excited cruise director eager to share of all to the very exciting opportunities on-board for FUN, day or night.

If you are someone who loves cruising, please know that my intention is not to offend you. That said, cruising was not “my thing.” I live into the belief that anything is worth trying once. I entered in to this experience no differently than any other, with an open mind, and a hope of nothing more than that, an experience. Experience and awareness are what I took from cruising.

I strive to embody the notion of being the change I wish to see in the world. In order to do so, I have learned that for me it is imperative to move from a place of health – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Unfortunately, my experience of cruising did not seem to support this. In my day to day, I am conscious of the food, and the beverages that I consume. Beyond this, I am also mindful of the people, places, and things with which I surround myself in an attempt to support said health – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I observed a great deal of excess while on board the cruise-ship. And, at times, felt myself being sucked in to the vortex of this “darkness.” Rising to the occasion of the energy all around me. I found myself falling subject to eating and drinking more than I knew my body would prefer, and certainly paying for the aftermath of that the next day.

Upon arriving each AM at a new port, the stark contrast of excess on board to the, at times, devastating poverty which I witnessed among many of the locations visited felt quite glaring. It made me sad. Sure, I was supporting tourism in a third world country. Yet somehow, that didn’t seem to justify my privilege.

To date, I’ve been home now one week. What I know for certain is that the darkness IS not something I want or need more of. As this blog post has evolved, so too has my appreciation for the light! I feel so very grateful to have left behind the darkness of that cruise-ship cabin, as well the bleak reality which was my experience on-board.

Anyone else have a cruise experience of which you’d like to share? As always, I welcome your thoughts and insights. And, I’m curious … how do YOU go about supporting the change you wish to see in this life?

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