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An Exploration of the Here and Now through Movement
*Rescheduled date TBD

In Collaboration with The Pennsylvania Gestalt Center

This program will be one which explores body awareness and movement. Josette will join forces with movement specialist, Melody Schaper.

Gestalt practice values the present moment as a path to wholeness. And, in the fast-paced society we live in today, paying attention to this moment can be difficult.
Mindful movement, with an awareness of breath, is a valuable tool for accessing this present moment. Learning to check in with yourself throughout the day offers you the opportunity to remain present with each passing moment, and to the meeting of your needs as they arise.
In this workshop, Josette and Melody will guide you in slowing down, checking in with yourself, and noticing what is present. Through subtle and very gentle guided movement meditations you will begin to listen to what your body is saying and develop a deeper connection with yourself. From this workshop, you will learn how to incorporate a daily practice of returning again and again to the gift of present moment awareness.

Note: Participants will be asked to do a personal Covid test the day of the workshop. You will be asked to confirm a ‘negative’ test result when you arrive. It will be an honor system.

Registration is required. Interested in obtaining CEU’s? Inquire upon registration via pagestalt@comcast.net or call 610-251-0945