Weekly Offerings

NEW! Get Er’ Done ZOOM Yoga, Mondays 12:00 – 1:00 PM (Starting May 3rd) 

A spicy start to the work week. This class is for those who are no stranger to the practice. Whether you’ve remained consistent with you practice throughout Covid, or you are seeking something to re-ignite your fire, this class is for YOU! A 60-minute vinyasa (read: flow from one pose to the next) practice that will include grounding breath work, a dynamically invigorating strength based sequence, and adequate time to simply be still and integrate it all. Plan to leave your mat carrying an intention to support you in the day(s) ahead. Click HERE to join class!

Relax, Unwind, and Reconnect, Thursdays 7:00-8:00PM (through April 29th)

Whether it is your first time exploring the practice of yoga; or, you are returning after some time away from your mat; or, you are simply seeking accountability in your desire to practice weekly … this class can serve YOU well. Gentle, breath-guided movement will be offered. The poses will be selected based upon whomever presents virtually. Designed to meet YOUR needs. Class will afford you the opportunity to take pause, and to reconnect to yourself. A guided relaxation will be included prior to final rest. Click HERE to join class!

NEW! All Levels OUTDOOR Sunset Yoga, Thursdays 6:30 – 7:30PM at Valley Creek Park – 361 Morehall Road, Frazier (Starting May 6th)

Gather in community to move, to breathe, and to connect – to self, and others. Whether you are brand new to the practice of yoga, or have been longing to return to your mat, this class can meet your wants and needs! The approach will be slow and steady. It will provide ample opportunity to pause, to notice, and to tend to whatever is present in your body. A lovely way to wind down as the work week draws towards a close. 

R/R Yoga offered the last Sunday of the month 7-8:30PM (Next class April 25th, on HOLD for Summer months)

Secure a quiet space for yourself in the safety of your home. Light some candles. Ready your props – pillows, a blanket, yoga blocks/strap (if you have them – if not, we’ll improvise). Open your mind to rest, relaxation, and an intention for the month ahead. The poses offered will be gentle and held for an extended duration – restorative- to support deep release. A guided yoga nidra, deep conscious rest, at the end of class will provide you with the opportunity to completely surrender to stillness, and peace. Click HERE to join class!

Drop-in and package rates are available. In the event that you have been facing financial hardship, please do not allow this to prevent you from re-connecting to yourself -OR- community! Email josettecicacci@gmail.com to discuss payment options. 

*Compensation can be provided directly via Venmo @Josette-Cicacci or by dropping a check in the mail (contact Josette for address)