Hello … and welcome!!! As you explore my website, I hope that you will learn a bit more about me. My diverse background in physical therapy, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, has yielded a unique skill-set which I extend to my students, private clients, and patients.


My name is Josette Cicacci. My credentials include: Exercise Physiologist (BA of Science from Temple University), Physical Therapist Assistant (AS Physical Therapy from Harcum College), Yoga Alliance – 200 Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher  (Living Mandala School of Yoga), Certified Lifestyle Meditation Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist (Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks) credentialed by the … Continue reading Bio

Myofascial Release

WHAT IS FASCIA Fascia is a structure within the body which lies beneath the skin and above the muscles. It is connective tissue – described as a “spider web-like” network system spanning head to toe. Fascia is a strong but pliable multifunctional tissue made up of collagen primarily. It’s three dimensional web-like structure gives shape … Continue reading Myofascial Release


The average brain has between 50 – 80,000 thoughts per day. Meditation aims to find the space between these thoughts. This space is achieved through single pointed awareness. Successful meditation does not equate to sitting upright rigidly cross-legged in absolute stillness, willing the mind to be silent. Instead, it comes through a journey of stepping outside … Continue reading Meditation


“I have attended Josette’s group yoga classes and individual personal training.  In group settings, Josette  is able to assess individual needs within the group and incorporate exercises throughout the class that target everyone’s needs, such as tight shoulders or hamstrings.  Her classes are well thought out to be strengthening, stretching, and always challenging in a supportive … Continue reading Testimonials

New Client Forms

Kindly review and complete (as appropriate) prior to our first one-on-one session.  Contact me directly if you encounter any questions/concerns! Client Intake Form Client Bill of Rights for Bodywork Client Bill of Rights for Fitness Services