“I have attended Josette’s group yoga classes and individual personal training.  In group settings, Josette  is able to assess individual needs within the group and incorporate exercises throughout the class that target everyone’s needs, such as tight shoulders or hamstrings.  Her classes are well thought out to be strengthening, stretching, and always challenging in a supportive environment.  Her corrections on alignment and form are always appreciated.  In 1/1 sessions, Josette adapts workouts to what is most needed that day.  Her workouts target the whole body and gets your heart pumping!  Another client said it best…Josette is a 12 out of 10!” – Erin H

“Josette is deeply committed to helping each person she treats with compassion and concern.  She has a very uncanny gift of articulating into words, and tending to, what truly describes a person’s thoughts and feelings.” – Georgia S

“Life is full of daily challenges which have frequently left me with migraines and/or knots in my back. Josette’s myofascial sessions have been able to zone in quickly on relieving my pains, but more importantly, have given me instruction on how to better manage my symptoms at home. I appreciate Josette’s flexibility with appointment times – one less thing to worry about! I’m happy to say I’m managing things better and continue to enjoy yoga with Josette.” – Audrey S

“After many years of excessive, repetitive and intensive exercise; complete with the soreness and aches/pains one encounters as the result of this training, my lower back finally cried uncle this past winter. At the urging of my wife, who was a huge proponent of both Josette and myofascial release, I finally commenced treatment back in February. Josette immediately discovered the culprit(s) to my intense discomfort and began her treatment. She also has provided me with a stretching regiment that I do religiously. In just a couple months, I have significantly improved and without compromising the intensity, or frequency, of my workouts!! Josette is extremely talented, committed, empathetic and compassionate. She is well-organized and terrific with follow-ups and reminders. I would strongly recommend seeing her for any similar maladies!!” – Ron C