All the Feels

Wrightsville Beach1

I’ve just returned from a wonderful extended birthday celebration with one of my dearest girlfriends. A quick early AM flight on my birthday to Myrtle Beach, SC followed by a few hour drive to Wrightsville Beach, NC led me to a SURPRISE two evening stay at a gorgeous beachfront resort (pictured above). We enjoyed luxuriating for a few days beach/poolside until our road trip to Darlington, MD for a weekend of camping at a yoga/music festival where my Shakti Goddess – diva, as I was referring to her – was to lead Kirtan! Alas torrential rainstorms presented, causing us to retreat, yet again, to the nearest town – 3o minutes by car.  We welcomed the thought of showers, and comfortable, warm, dry beds to rest. Yet another surprise crossed our path, this time in the form of a magical restaurant which offered incredibly generous portions of amazing island inspired cuisine and beverages! An unexpected, and surprisingly pleasant, Lyft provided me with transport for the final leg of my journey from MD back home to PA a few days earlier than anticipated. Whew … quite a whirlwind of a trip, huh?!

Amidst all of the excitement, one of us actively navigating a broken heart and the other facing the reality of crossing paths with a past partner all the while striving to remain fully present for the blossoming of beautiful new(ish) relationship. Though society seems to place an unspoken expectation of us to keep it together, as two yogis who are both empathetic light-workers, this is simply not an option. Needless to say, a myriad of emotions were experienced over the course of the five days which we shared together.

“I’m feeling all of the feels” is our go-to phrase. And, throughout our time spent together this could not have been more true. Which got me to thinking; And, to reflecting upon all the feels. Good, bad, and/or indifferent … Assuming you allow for them to bubble up, all sorts of feels can be present, sometimes seemingly simultaneously.

Attempting to stuff emotions down (via your numbing technique of preference) is a means of coping which I am finding to be less and less serving for my well-being, of late. My belief is that the feels long to be seen. And, my experience has been that the feels don’t ever truly disappear. Thus, it’s conceivable to argue that one might simply be prolonging the inevitable by striving to ignore said feels.

I am placing my trust in the fact that creating the space for myself to breathe and to truly feel – albeit downright uncomfortable at times – ultimately yields healing and growth. The practices of yoga and meditation provide this space for me. Through the practices, I enhance my ability to stand in the role of observer and to bear witness to the space between thoughts. As my ability to watch my thoughts/feelings is fine-tuned, I have been inviting a curiosity to do so without judgement.

Throughout my week of birthday adventures, it has been truly fascinating to notice amidst moments of happiness how sadness can also be present. I feel so grateful to have such a dear friend who was open/willing to remain present and supportive of my doing so. I consistently remind myself that without a knowingness of pain, abundance and joy could not be fully appreciated. And so, I continue to turn to the practices which consistently support me in feeling all the feels.

Perhaps you have an interest in enhancing your ability to bear witness to ALL the feels?! With no real travel plans in sight, I will be offering many opportunities in the weeks ahead for you to consciously step onto your mat to connect deeply to YOU through breath guided awareness. Consider taking me up on this! I intend to hold a safe space for all the feels to bubble up, as I too vulnerably navigate my very own feels.

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