The struggle IS real



This is a statement which I received in a text message from a girlfriend this AM. The text was referring to the mayhem which unfolds amidst schedules around this time of the year. For those of you who are parents, you know all too well the reality of the eminent shift which takes place in the Fall. At present, you are likely facing full-on back to school chaos. Ahhh, the joys of juggling back to school night with Fall sport commitment(s) all the while striving to stay on top of the typical week night obligations. How interesting it can be when you notice that you literally have to be in several places at one time! Interesting and/or discouraging and overwhelming … yes?!

If I’m being candid, it’s worth admitting that as an independent thirty something woman there are no shortage of days in which I face challenge simply taking sound care of myself. Forget about having other human(s) who depend upon me to care for them. God bless those of you who have more than one child … I honestly don’t know how you do it!

I noticed that the text message which I received this AM caused me to have what seemed to be an un-explainably strong response. I wanted to convey the fact that the struggle can undoubtedly be real IF that is a notion in which you choose to extend energy – Or, not! Intellectually I know and believe this to be so, but I wasn’t quite sure, at least not at first, why I was having such a strong response. Until the day continued to unfold.

I am noticing a trend among almost everyone with whom I have contact of late. No matter who … male or female … adolescent, or middle aged, or retired … people from all walks of life seem to be expressing a challenge in maintaining a sense of balance amidst the mayhem which this time of the year ensues. Though I do not have any little people to get off to school, or sports practice etc., even I am aware of the certain sense of hectic about my day-to-day which seems to present in direct alignment with the introduction of the first glimpses of crisp Fall air.

As I currently embark upon partnership with a wonderful man who has recently entered into my life (photo creds to him for the above image), I notice the struggle to nurture this blossoming relationship amidst a busy schedule. I am aware of the fact that this could be said in the Fall, or any season of life, for that matter. This realization, I suspect, impacted the strong response which I had to the text message this AM. For, the struggle IS real if you choose to feed that notion. And yet, I personally prefer to go with the – Or, not option.

There’s no disputing the fact that nurturing relationship(s) can be challenging during busy times. This can be said not only of relationships with loved ones, but also of one’s relationship with self. The irony is that it is quite arguably during the busiest of times that one could stand to most benefit from honoring those relationship(s) which are truly valued and have proven to be serving. Enter in the conversation of yoga.

Today during my yoga practice, my teacher asked that students draw to mind one word which could fuel the day ahead. My word was honor. Honor was a call to action for me. A call to action to remind myself to honor that/those practices in the moments, hours, and days ahead – amidst the busy – which have consistently proven to serve me well. Maintaining my relationship with loved ones is integral, and yet, the foundation which enables me to do so is maintaining my relationship with myself. For me this includes fueling myself with nourishing food/beverage. It includes getting enough rest. It includes getting myself outdoors with the intention of moving with purpose. And, it most definitely includes regularly finding myself on my yoga mat.

I know that it can be all too tempting amidst the chaos of a busy Fall schedule to let one’s yoga practice slip by the wayside. I acknowledge that perhaps I may be biased … But, for me, neglecting my yoga practice has never proven to serve me well. So, here and now, I ask you to consider for yourself what the practice(s) are which consistently have proven to serve you well? Why not take this opportunity to commit in the same way that I have to take a call to action? To honor that/those practices which enable you to function optimally. Why not commit to drop the struggle. For, the struggle is real IF you choose to feed that notion – Or, not!

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