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Come Back to Your Body, Come Back to Yourself – Hosted at Balanced for Life Yoga Therapy  *Offering to be rescheduled, stay tuned for day/time

The mind and the body are unequivocally inter-connected. In collaboration with Marc Balcer, in-house meditation guru, we will provide you with guidance for tapping into your natural wisdom, intuition, and passion. This offering will include opportunity to notice and to tend to all facets of YOU in a uniquely intimate way; An opportunity for YOU to be with YOU!

Attendees can expect to experience the following: yoga, inquiry, meditation, journaling, conscious consumption of lunch provided by The Black Cat Cafe, mindful walk (outdoors – as weather allows), as well as partner activity and discussion of timeless teachings.

This day-long retreat will offer new approaches to problem-solving, habit change, creativity and productivity. You will take away tools to integrate all of the above through the lens of self-compassion and empowerment.

“Do you make regular visits to yourself?” – Rumi

Investment: $99

Registration will be capped at 10 students. Secure YOUR spot by pre-registering at