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Breathe in the NOW!
Hosted at Balanced for Life Yoga Therapy – 45 Berkley Road Devon, Pa 19333
The word pranayama breaks down to prana – breath, or life force; yama – to practice.
Mindful awareness of breath has the ability to consciously anchor one to the NOW. There is nothing more powerful than this present moment.
In this ninety-minute experience, several breath techniques will be introduced. Different breath techniques have the ability to impact the body in different ways, for instance – stimulating vs. relaxing, warming vs. cooling.
The knowledge, and experiential application, which you will take from this workshop has the potential to offer tools for you to incorporate into a daily breath practice. If not a daily practice, certainly you will walk away with techniques to turn to for support as you meet yourself amidst the myriad of emotions which you encounter from day to day.
  • Saturday May 18th, 10:30AM – 12PM
  • Pre-Registration is strongly encouraged
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